APRIL see’s a re-release of the 2022 album ‘IGNUNTOLOGY’ with some key differences. In ‘Deluxe Edition’ guise, the album includes 5 bonus tracks – ‘Kickstarter’ and ‘Hadron Collider’ which were not on the original release, a longer version of ’98 Chepstow Road’ with an extra verse, the radio version of ‘Art of Seduction’ which has significantly different lyrics to the album version and ‘Caucasoid Killswitch’ a track which eventually turned into the albums closer ‘Now you know’ however whilst mostly sharing the lyrics, it has a completely different musical approach.

In addition to the bonus joints, there are a couple of ‘directors cut’ modifications, including the tracks ‘Fat Welsh Weirdo’ and ‘Taffy’s Theme’ which will appear in their ‘single version’ guise, with their spoken-word, lengthy introductions removed.

Mink on the re-issue – “I am a bit of a completist and needed to draw a line under this period as well as giving a few people another chance to discover it. I then have a clear space to start building up to the next album, which I’m really excited about, and hopefully people will enjoy the different versions on the album and understand the changes they went through.”

The original album issue with extended track introductions included will still be available. Available now at all streaming stores.

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