New single mix in support of the ‘Krown Jewelz’ campaign out now

To ‘celebrate’ the coronation of King Charles III, and to launch another attack on the UK charts, Kunt (from Kunt & The Gang) has rebranded as ‘The Krown Jewelz’ in a hope to garner more media coverage and invited contributions to provide alternate mixes of the single in order to maximise streaming (and chart placing) potential.

I have provided my contribution which appears on all streaming sites as ‘Mix 03’ and is available for purchase/streaming alongside 29 other contributions. Unfortunately, ommission of the hyphen in the release name means that currently, it can be found under the artist ‘Mink C’ which is separate to the main ‘Mink-C’ section if searching from scratch within the main sites.

You can hear the track at the following YouTube link but please look below for how to have the greatest impact on sales/streaming numbers.

Loved putting this together although it’s a challenge to write to such a short track with limited bars and still deliver something memorable but I hope people enjoy it. As it uses the ‘Kunts’ beat, it also brings a bit of punk-rock flavour that I’ve always been a fan of.

Please support in any way you can by purchasing tracks or streaming the ready-made playlists to try and boost numbers. I think it’s fair to say that the quality of alternate mixes is variable however I did enjoy the Pierre Pointless version too with it’s nicely psychotic unhinged vibe 🙂

Full details of how to buy/stream to maximise charts numbers can be found at the main website

As a long time fan of Kunt’s prior work – and I urge anyone not familiar with him to check it out, I hope the single gets to the top of the charts and I’m just honoured to be a part of it.

UPDATE 14th May 2023 – The numbers are in and delighted that the single was the highest new entry on the weeks chart at number 9. The track did outsell Ed Sheeran and apparently a number of downloads were (incorrectly) disqualified, and had they not been, the song would have made number 2! From a personal perspective it was fun seeing my own mix version in the iTunes Indie Chart (No 27) and making the top 40 Amazon best sellers list!

It should be pointed out as well that all the above achievements came with the complete blackballing of the single in terms of media coverage, with BBC Radio even at one point refusing to name the single in the chart rundown. If we had the co-operation of the press and media the achievements would have been even greater I’m sure.

Hopefully will get involved again with a future KATG project so watch this space.

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