Bandcamp Site Now Live

The Mink-C band camp portal is now live. This system will supplement this website and will allow listeners access to all the back catalogue from Prime Minkster through to present day.

This enables new listeners to explore prior albums at minimal cost should they wish, as well as providing competitive prices for new releases, as well as eventually merchandise and other offers.

Initially, all the following albums are available for download or online streaming free of charge however listeners are invited to donate whatever they wish :

  • Prime Minkster
  • P.o.W (Prince of Wales)
  • British Shit Kicker
  • The Blue Oval Sessions

The following albums will also be available free of charge :

  • Man of Gwent (Essentials & Rarities) Volume 1
  • Man of Gwent (Essentials & Rarities) Volume 2

The following album will be available for £7

  • Welsh Ninjitsu

The new album IGNUNTOLOGY, along with any new singles will be available at prices in line or better than streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal etc

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