FAT WELSH WEIRDO, the first single by Mink-C from the upcoming ‘Ignuntology’ LP is available now at all major streaming sites, check it out at https://ditto.fm/fat-welsh-weirdo. Click this article to see the lyric sheet.

Lyric Sheet

Look into the mirror everyday and say ‘YESS!’
 Never understand why people think I’m a mess
 underground respects me like I’m Elliot Ness
 Other people groan like I’m causing em stress
 Restaurant with family, always smile never rude
 Waiters smile back  cos they spat in my food
 Read shit reviews leave me dispirited 
 I Travel round the country  Barred from bars I’ve never visited
 Donate to tramps,But they throw the money back 
 Always catch flak, crippled kids call me spak
 Walk the streets, it’s horrid but this shit’s symbolic
 People  cross the road, homeless clutch onto their wallet
 Why hate this unflappable cat, flows supernatural 
 Chill I kick back but get attacked like I’m an animal
 Wonder why my door handles smeared with diarrhea
 Til Lionel tells me “You’re in England wearing Welsh gear’!

 Newport De Niro? Exotic like Rio de Janeiro?
 Nope. It’s ‘Fat Welsh Weirdo’
 Fat Welsh Weirdo Fat Welsh Weirdo
 Everywhere I go I’m called a Fat Welsh Wierdo
 Touring coast to coast, club owners go ghost
 When they found out where I’m from they’re like ‘I ain’t booking that Weirdo’
 Fat Welsh Weirdo Fat Welsh Weirdo
 Bigots everywhere call me a Fat Welsh Wierdo

 Hit a club grinning , trying to get my swerve on
 Ladies look disgusted only there to get my perve on -
 “I’m the welsh boy wonder wanna come to my place?”
 Always fucking  end up with a drink in my face
 Sadly retreat, “Urgh I would sooner fuck my daddy
 You’re worse than the paddies fuck off back to the valleys”
 Outnumbered so a haymakers a risk I ain’t taking
 Fuck waiting, bitch ruined the night so I’m escaping
 Dust myself down, next day I’m into town
 Smile at people, in response they grimace and frown
 Smooth suit buying like I’m Omar Sharif
 Staff clock I’m welsh, follow me  like a thief
 Understand if it was Saville Row but yo I’m at a loss
 I get the same shit at Oxfam, Mencap and Red Cross
 Even at the market, market traders chase me away
 All because my Newport County shirts on display

 English Roses loves me in my English clothes
 Slip on a rugby shirt become a ‘Fat Welsh Weirdo’
 Fat Welsh Weirdo Fat Welsh Weirdo
 Tells me take it off, I’m like ‘You must be out your mind ho’
 Smiled at by girls when I buy ‘em a drink
 See my name on the debit card, know what they really think
 Fat Welsh Weirdo Fat Welsh Weirdo
 They don’t have to say nothing, I get the picture
 Out to eat with Lionel B, restaurant is empty
 Maitre’D says he can stay but not that fucking weirdo
 Fat Welsh Weirdo You get the idea
 Over the severn i’m  a Fat Welsh Weirdo
 Beach sunny day Dragon Tatt on display
 kiddies kick sand in my face and shout loudly
 Fat Welsh Weirdo Fat Welsh Weirdo
 Bitches should learn to control their fucking kids
 Hard to get ahead  offered menial work
 Even cockle-picking gangmasters think I’ll just shirk
 Fat Welsh Weirdo Workshy Weirdo
 Cleaning the bogs is where you find the welsh round here bro
 Hassled by local police for no reason
 When they find  Im from Wales I get a proper fucking beating
 Fat Welsh Weirdo, Cops think they’re tough
 Took six of them cunts to take me out, and I was cuffed!  
 We ain’t done motherfuckers
 we are coming flooding over the border, fucking your tramp assed daughters
 And your grandkids will be called shit like Gruffyd, Caradog and Gethin

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