The second single from the upcoming LP was released June 4th. This time there is – unusually – both a normal and radio version of the track available. See below for lyrics and check twitter for sneak preview!

 You see I’m a Mink not a vanilla Chinchilla
 in bed I Poppa da pill and rippa da pussy like a killer 
 That’s right nasty sex is my MO
 If it doesn’t turn your stomach then I’m like ‘Hell No!’
 If you ain’t embarrassed later chat to friends in passing
 And the stench of piss surrounds you leaves everybody gagging
 After sex with the mink you be like “yoI feel sick”
 Cant cum unless I’m angrily hitting something with a stick
 Don’t care for conversation,  I just want your grill  on my dick
 nibble my tip I watch ya dribble whilst I’m rapping some ignunt shit
 Got cages blades hoods with no breathing hole or  zipper
 A safe word? Nah, don’t make a habit of fucking quitters
 Afterwards I wanna chill, you gonna be late so call the sitter
 And if the baby sitters got a  baby sister, I’ll get wit’ her
 For the love of man, please stop shrieking and weeping
 know the old fashioned saying  ‘If it’s a beating it ain’t cheating’
 So ya man can stop bleeting, getting injureds in the plan
 I taped you screaming so the dude can“hear dis” like Ninjaman
 When you think of me as vile and disturbing it’s so frustrating 
 A&E on speed dial. Thats lovemaking…
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Times change years ago it was all candlelit dinner
 Waiting six weeks before you get to put a finger in her
 Romantic, stopping at the garage for some flowers
 Then Listen to her dribble on for hours
 Nowadays we cut to the chase, have drugs to get high
 snort, smoke, swallow something or just toss it in ya eye 
 Pour some Jack out, not raping, I’m roping a broad
 Shibari style,  should get a round of applause
 Then the lucky little lady watch me acting fucking crazy
 Grab anything with a blade and improvise like count Basie
 Yelling,hollering stabbing motherfuckers who aint there
 In my minds eye it’s new year eve in Times Square
 Just with more frightened faces, more blood and more insanity
 More hammers, rope, blowtorches, filth and sick depravity
 Good ingredients  to make the party go boom
 Just replace pretty balloons with psychosis and tombs
 It's not all that different used to kiss in lovers lane
 now it's cocaine and yellow rain on ladies wrapped in cellophane
 In the 80s used to sl ow dance, 90s shake synthetic implants to trance
 Nowadays we fuck each other up and call an ambulance
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 If you horny when you meet me, you’re in luck me duck
 Don’t act awe struck,  you're not a fan you're down to fuck
 If you don’t appear nuts, I’ll introduce you to my crew
 You can let ‘em cop a feel while Lionel makes you a brew
 They will run through the process, need a signed disclaimer
 Explain you need the papers I’m a busy entertainer
 Don’t intend to maim yer, and it doesn’t happen often
 But need protection, just in case you end up in a coffin
 Huh!  then my agent can book you in
 I’ll be in a slayer t-shirt jus like rick Rubin
 Want candy for your nose I hope you brought your own baggie
 I can put some up ya fanny, on the meter like a cabby
 I’m a taffy, between the sheets I go to war like an Iraqi
 Natty when I’m sinning, kinda like cincinatti
 Pull out old school tools like in ajerbizjan 
 Set about your grill like I’m in marathon man
 After sex you won’t be needing cuddles you’ll be needing stitches
 Twitching on the floor, you could be swimming with the fishes
 (She lives) Praise the lord, it's a good job done welll
 Nothing fucks up a party like when the meat starts to smell
 …Meat starts to smelll
 Meat starts to smell
 Ooooh yeah baby Thats my kind of Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking
 Thats Lovemaking

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